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Pet Hunting: Siberian Huskies

Siberian-Husky-WallpaperThose looking to get a new dog for a pet may like to consider Siberian Huskies. The breed is known to be affectionate and gentle, playful and good-spirited dogs which are very loyal to its carers. Huskies are sociable and highly energetic. Expect young pups to be quite a handful around your home.

A husky is friendly with strangers so don’t consider them if you need a good watchdog. They mix well with children. You will seldom get noise pollution from constant barking, they bark rarely. Siberian huskies are highly intelligent so you can train them easily. It is important to establish clear command over them though, else, they won’t follow your bidding. Exercise patience during obedience training, it will pay off in the end.

Though a husky rarely barks, it can be a howler. It is also easily bored so never leave it alone for extended periods of time. It doesn’t like being alone. It also requires regular physical activity, if you are looking for a walking or running partner, this pet is for you.

Siberian husky diet is not complicated, it is not a hungry breed nor a hoarder of food. For ideas, check best dog food for siberian husky.  As to grooming, you may want to brush daily or in intervals of 2 to 3 days. The breed sheds heavily every six months. Keep one cooled, shaded, and hydrated during a hot climate. Life expectancy is about 15 years so you can enjoy one’s companionship for a long time.

Keep a husky in a spacious environment, don’t cramp one in an apartment, that will be disastrous for you. The breed has no problem living in a pack, it is a friendly type of dog, but, a husky may be annoying around other cats as well as livestock. Keep them away from non-canine pets.

Keep your pet husky moderately active, allow for daily walks if able. Make sure they go out at least twice in a week. Consult experts for advice on feeding times and feeding amounts. You may need to feed pups hi-carb and hi-protein dog meals to help supply energy in growing months. See whats the best dog food for recommendation.

Media and Entertainment Industry One of the Most Profitable in 2013-2017

microphonesmallAfter the economic recession that hampered global industries on such a devastating level, the media and entertainment (M&E) industry is set to conquer again. Business analysts such as Lucintel and McKinsey & Company predict that M&E will rake in more profit in 2013 to 2017.

In its report “Global Media and Entertainment Industry 2012–2017: Industry Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis”, Lucintel forecasts that it will reach approximately US $1,289 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 5% during 2012–2017.

McKinsey & Company states in its “Global Media Report 2013” that though consumer spending for entertainment differs according to regions, the M&E is doubtlessly growing.

The media and entertainment industry involves the creation and distribution of meida content, news, advertisements, and entertainments through variods media platforms such as TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, bulletins, and others.

Analysts say that the North America has the highest average entertainment spending, followed by Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America, and Middle East. However, 64 percent of the global advertising growth will come from Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Central and Eastern Europe over the next five years.

Consumers spend most on digital entertainment and broadband access which is expected with the increasing number of Internet users worldwide. This says a lot about the trend in media and entertainment growth. The Internet is fast becoming the dominating media channel across the borders.

The fastest growing sector next to digital advertising and broadband are TV advertising, in-home video entertainment, video games, and audio entertainment. It seems that consumers are turning to home-based entertainments. They also buy music mostly from the Internet.

Out-of-home entertainment is also predicted to have a high growth rate. This includes attending to events, tours, and concerts. This means that people still like the experience of attending live events. They will continue to monitor The Rolling Stones or Imagine Dragons tour dates.

It is notable that printed forms of media and entertainment have the least growth rate. Newspapers, magazines, and book publishing have growth rates way below that of the digital ones. This means that the print industry is experiencing and will experience a growth lag as a result of the domination of the digital M&E.

Are Live Performances Bad for the Environment?

We see a rush of tours and concerts as artists promote their new albums worldwide. Example is Bruno Mars tour 2015 which went on to continue this year. He already went all over America and Asian nations like the Philippines. As artists jump from one continent to another, are they leaving harmful environmental impacts on their tracks?

Apparently yes, as tours use an incredible amount of fuel energy from transportation to the concert lights. Fans also leave thousands of littered plastic cups and bins. Not to mention the countless poster ads and flyers.

The artists are not to blame, though. We all know the reality that we love tours and for tours to happen, they need fuel and energy. So what can artists and fans alike do to lessen the environmental impacts of tours?

Use Biofuels

Biofuels function as how diesel or other gas fuels do, except they’re more environmentally friendly. Coal, oil, and gas that we normally use for daily transportation are are called fossil fuels, or those that are processed from fossils. Fossil fuel is a non-renewable form of energy that when burned releases a lot of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Biofuels, on the other hand, do not release as much CO2 as fossil fuel does. It is therefore a good alternative source of fuel for transportation in concerts and tours.

Manage Wastes

We cannot stress enough the importance of managing wastes in concerts. If the tour gathers thousands of fans, it is likely that the venue will later have thousands of littered plastic cups and cans. Plastics are non-biodegradable, which means they take millions of years to degrade. They stay on the surface of the earth, therefore, for millions of years. Unless you burn them, which is not a very good idea at all.

Promote Organic Foods

Instead of selling junk foods and whatnots in tour venues, artists can opt to promote organically grown foods that are way better than their contemporaries based on nutrition and ecological standards. Organic farming does not use synthetic fertilizers so the foods are guaranteed to contain less if not zero synthetic chemicals. Because of this, organic foods are naturally healthier than commercially-produced ones.

Economical Advertisement through Social Media

Social media buttonsAdvertising can be very costly and may not be practical for starting business owners. Thus, the advent of social media has been very helpful because in little or no cost, entrepreneurs are able to reach their customers or clients. If you are one of those who are still not trying this trend, or probably just clueless how, then we got some tips for you on how to make your business more profitable by using this tool.

First thing you have to do is set up your site, if you haven’t yet. Creating a Facebook page is very easy and won’t cost you a penny. You can already post public updates that your subscribers or likers can view. Now, you have a way to reach customers, vendors, or anyone else who is interested on what you are trying to promote.

Apart from Facebook, using other social media platform considerable adds viewership and exposure to your brand. Use Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Youtube and see which suits best your business.

So you now have your page. Since we’re talking about social media here, use your pages to actually interact with your viewers. Customers feel bad if they think they are being ignored. Take the time to actually comment and acknowledge what your viewers would say in your page.

Another thing to do is to reward your customers with special deals. Because they took their time to follow you, give them promotions like discounts. Other things customers appreciate are freebies. If you cannot give them physical items, then a free ebook download or songs would do. Try popular artists’ music like some Macklemore songs, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse or that song by Blake Shelton Boys Round Here download for free as your reward.

You must also make your site unique so that it would stand out. Post interesting facts about the business and give tips to your subscribers. Run polls so you’d know people like and don’t like. If you are managing several channels or platforms, try to give each a different spin.  Maybe hold a contest to your Instagram and use Facebook to announce and drive traffic to the site.

Why Breast Augmentation Industry Will Continue to Grow

Breast-Augmentation-Denver-Z-side2The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) will release soon enough the much-awaited statistics of how many plastic surgeries were done last year. Plastic surgeries, particularly breast augmentation, have experienced a drastic increase of number of operations through the years.

Breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic surgery in 2012 in the United States. More than 330,000 women underwent the said surgery. It is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries with a triple growth from 1997 which had just over 101,000 breast implant surgeries.

Women Do it For Who?

It is common knowledge and proved by studies that women enlarge their breasts to feel more confident about their bodies. Bigger breasts, higher self-esteem, more guys waiting on the line. It almost always boils down to the desire to live up to society’s standards of female sexuality.

The underlying psychology of breast augmentation among women is a force strong enough to continuously drive the industry upwards. More and more women turn to breast enlargements especially fueled by the technological advancements in the industry. Stuff like Allergan 410 or “Gummy Bear Implants” drive up the market.

Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants are not to be used for a lifetime, and thousands of women remove their implants for some reasons. It’s most often because of complications that arise from breast implants such as irritation, infection, necrosis, rupture, and other such horror stories.

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned women of possible complications they may experience. In other words, breast implants are bound to be removed years after the implantation. It’s a short-term investment but women still love it nonetheless.

Silicone Scare

Because of these complications, more women are scared of placing silicone inside their bodies. Women are yet to see a safer breast implant that can achieve the same aesthetic results of silicone and not pose the same problems silicone does. While waiting for that implant wonder, they are checking out Katy Perry tour dates 2015 and looking at to see why Katy Perry did not undergo a breast enlargement. Perhaps they can learn a thing or two from the singer about cosmetic surgeries.

Cosmetic surgeries are one of those industries that are expected to only get bigger through time. Will breast augmentation follow suit? Time will tell.

Why You Eat What You Eat: How the Economy Impacts Your Food Choices

Everyone should be working towards having a healthy diet. A healthy diet is the core of overall wellness. Having a healthy diet is a result of the right mindset and the prevailing economic condition. For the rich, going for a healthy diet is a matter of choice. For low income families, going for a healthy diet can be a major struggle.

Social Factors Affecting Food Choices

The economic conditions in a specific area often affect the social aspect of life. In a thriving economy, social influences are richer and more developed. Social influences affect a person’s choice of food. A person’s attitude and habits towards food are developed based on her social interaction. You tend to eat less when you are alone and more when you are in the company of friends. You also tend to make intelligent food choices when you alone or in the company of people who have chosen to eat a healthy diet. Such is also the case when choosing furniture. A lot of people have chosen to go for unfinished furniture. Being in the company of such people will make it easier for you to decide that a piece of furniture bought from is an intelligent decision.

Lifestyle Factors Affecting Food Choices

When you have the luxury of eating home-cooked meals, you tend to eat healthier than when you depend on fast-food chains. The choice between home-cooked meals and fast-food meals depends on your type of lifestyle. When you are always on the go, chances are you will not have the time to plan and prepare a healthy diet. Eating is a biological need. You have no choice but to eat to survive. Eating healthy is a choice rooted on attitude and behavior. This is of course with the premise that your economic condition allows you to make the choice.

In the case of an individual with a low economic condition, the choice of food largely depends on what finances can afford, accessibility and knowledge of healthy. Low-income families lean toward eating unbalanced diets. It is the biological need for food that is being satisfied.

An unbalanced diet can lead to both under-nutrition an over-nutrition. Nutrient deficiency is the direct effect of under-nutrition and being overweight and obesity is the result of over-nutrition. This is the reason why not all people with low income appear thin and malnourished.

Knowledge Factors Affecting Food Choices

Economic conditions dictate the level of knowledge. Lack of basic knowledge on the premium of eating healthy food is lower in low-income areas. Cost is often the main determinant. Along with the lack of knowledge or too much conflicting information about a healthy diet comes the lack of motivation. The right motivation is hard to come in low income groups because taking the effort to prepare a healthy diet is often a luxury.

Opting to eat healthy food is not only based on preference. For high income-groups, the choice is surely based on preference and developing the right mindset and discipline. For low-income groups, social and economic factors posed as huge barriers to having a healthy diet.