Economical Advertisement through Social Media

Social media buttonsAdvertising can be very costly and may not be practical for starting business owners. Thus, the advent of social media has been very helpful because in little or no cost, entrepreneurs are able to reach their customers or clients. If you are one of those who are still not trying this trend, or probably just clueless how, then we got some tips for you on how to make your business more profitable by using this tool.

First thing you have to do is set up your site, if you haven’t yet. Creating a Facebook page is very easy and won’t cost you a penny. You can already post public updates that your subscribers or likers can view. Now, you have a way to reach customers, vendors, or anyone else who is interested on what you are trying to promote.

Apart from Facebook, using other social media platform considerable adds viewership and exposure to your brand. Use Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Youtube and see which suits best your business.

So you now have your page. Since we’re talking about social media here, use your pages to actually interact with your viewers. Customers feel bad if they think they are being ignored. Take the time to actually comment and acknowledge what your viewers would say in your page.

Another thing to do is to reward your customers with special deals. Because they took their time to follow you, give them promotions like discounts. Other things customers appreciate are freebies. If you cannot give them physical items, then a free ebook download or songs would do. Try popular artists’ music like some Macklemore songs, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse or that song by Blake Shelton Boys Round Here download for free as your reward.

You must also make your site unique so that it would stand out. Post interesting facts about the business and give tips to your subscribers. Run polls so you’d know people like and don’t like. If you are managing several channels or platforms, try to give each a different spin.  Maybe hold a contest to your Instagram and use Facebook to announce and drive traffic to the site.

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