Getting a Job in the Music Industry

If you have a passion for music, a career in the music industry can be lucrative and rewarding, in addition to having the chance of hobnobbing with music artists and industry bigwigs. However, starting out can be a challenge and very competitive since many people are looking for job opportunities in the same field too.

As any career adviser will tell you, experience is vital to landing a full-time job in the music industry. If you are a college student, it would be to your advantage to apply for an internship. This will improve your chances of getting hired after graduation. If you are a college graduate and are applying to be an intern, be reminded that most internship jobs in this business are not paid. However, don’t let this reality hinder you from your dream job. You can get a second job while being an intern to help you pay your bills.

The music industry has a very wide scope; so, before taking that initial step in your career path, be aware of your particular area of interest. Depending on your strengths and preferences, you can choose to work at a radio station, a record label, a marketing and distribution firm for records, or a public relations company. If you do not have a certain choice, then you can do research and read up on articles and news items to help you familiarize yourself with the different areas in the business where your expertise can be put to good use.

Entry-level jobs that you can target can include being an executive assistant. Assisting an industry executive is a strategic way of developing contacts that may be of good use in the future. Your tasks will involve filing and documentation, facilitating meetings, arranging schedules, appointments and travels and other administrative functions.

If being cooped up in the office is not really your thing, you can opt to apply for a job in field promotions, which entails marketing and sales promotions. You will not only assist in promoting records but live performances as well. If you happen to work for a record label that produces country music, then you might have had the opportunity to work closely with artists like Florida Georgia Line during their Florida Georgia Line tour 2015.

Whatever area in the music industry you choose to enter in, be prepared to work extra long hours. This might seem a lot of effort but it will definitely be worth all the hard work and creativity you put in when, a few years from now, you will be able to have that job you have always dreamed of. So, go for it.

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